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Do all you can do to make lives

of other people at least a little better.

Claude Denson Pepper, American politician and lawyer


Beloozersk village council is relatively young. Some of its area occupies very beautiful and picturesque places, on the banks of Beloe, Chernoe and Sporovskoe lakes.

This triangle of lakes is exactly the feature that makes our district so unusual and attractive. Hundreds of fishing amateurs come here all the year round. And in summer a lot of holiday-makers escape from heat and fuss of their towns to find relief near glassy water. While admiring primitive beauty of the surroundings, both visitors and the locals often ask unwittingly: “Why aren’t there any conveniences here? Why not to make rest in the wild more civilized, providing comfortable facilities not only for the locals but also for guests?” As a rule, those questions provoke a counter-question: “Where will we get money for the improvement?” It is usually more challenging to reply than to ask. It happened so that such reflections coincided with the courses I took in the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

Professor Victor Vladimirovich Yermolenkov in one of his lectures presented us the Strategy of Regional Sustainable Development. It seemed interesting to me. It was Ovidius who said: “Trust the experience”. And I trusted. I started learning the existing theory and practical experience related to the subject. It seemed that the God himself willed that we concerned ourselves with sustainable development: it was preconditioned by the location of Beloozersk village council. It turned out that money was lying unnoticed under our feet and our goal was to teach ourselves and the others how to “pick them up”.